Why Do I Need To Buy An SSL Certificate?

by | Jul 9, 2020 | SSL certificate

Many people enquire whether they should buy an SSL certificate. If yes, they ask for the reason to do the same or why do they need to buy it! Well, an SSL certificate ensures a secure connection. A website needs an SSL certificate if it asks for the personal information of the user. Search engines like Google are breaking down on non-secure websites. The websites with HTTP are without an SSL certificate whereas the websites that show https in the browser are with an SSL certificate. It is also a ranking signal and affects your traffic & revenue.

The SSL certificate guarantees a secure connection. Sites that ask for personal or sensitive information of the users like home address, financial data, etc. require an SSL certificate. It is imperative to determine whether the website you use has a secured web connection or not. As online frauds are on a rise these days, it becomes the need of the hour to secure your connection. Every website owner must fortify their site security and ensure that the data remains secure. The visitors and customers of your website are at risk of stolen data without SSL. The security of your website is at equal risk.

  • Why is SSL necessary? 

When you buy an SSL certificate, it ensures the encryption of data between your website and the user’s browser. SSL certificate assures secure travel of the information that a user enters from his browser to your website. Many websites ask for information about the customers so they can use your services or buy products from you online, safely. An SSL certificate establishes a safe connection for such activities. SSL certificate forms a protective shield under which anything stays secure online. You might try a lot of things to strengthen your site, but nothing is much enough than an SSL certificate.

  • Advantages of an SSL Certificate 

The advantages of an SSL certificate are myriad, and not everyone is aware of them. When you buy an SSL certificate, it secures the sensitive information of the users through high encryption. It helps Google to evaluate your website and boosts your ranking through ranking signals. It also protects the site and user information from scams and frauds. An SSL certificate creates a safe shopping experience for customers of websites asking for payments. It equally reduces the risk of hacking and cyber-attacks. Users trust more on the websites with a secure connection which ultimately heightens your brand reputation.

SSL certificate does not pinch your pockets. It saves you a lot of money and prevents data breaches. Financial issues are at bay when you use preventive measures for the data of your website in the long run. Ultimately, it works for the welfare of your business and aids in the growth of your brand.

To Wrap Up 

An SSL certificate is a must for you if your online services require the users to fill in their credentials. Since it is not amongst the ranking factors of a website, it is imperative to secure your web server with an SSL certificate.

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