Which Techniques Are Best For Extracting Emails From Google Maps

Which Techniques Are Best For Extracting Emails From Google Maps?

by | Jul 16, 2022 | Blog

Google Map Data extractor is an efficient tool for extracting data from Google maps. The data that is extracted from Google Maps comprises:

  1. Business name
  2. Website
  3. Email
  4. Contact numbers
  5. Online reviews/ratings
  6. Business address

This software is perfect for marketers who want to extract valuable data that helps enrich their marketing campaigns.

Google Maps is an excellent platform for finding local customers and gaining real-time updates about your industry. It is also a valuable platform for building a B2B database from millions of registered businesses on Google Maps.

This blog will discover the best techniques for extracting emails from Google Maps.

Although there are several ways of building a targeted email list from Google Maps, most methods usually involve bots and crawlers.

The two ideal techniques of extracting emails from Google Maps comprise:

  • Building An Email List Manually

Although, this is not the ideal solution when you want to collect a massive database for email marketing campaigns. The technique is perfect when you require a small number of emails from Google Maps.

Here are the steps of building an email list manually:

  1. Open Google Maps in your web browser.
  2. Search for any business name for the targeted city or country. Example: Restaurants in Mumbai
  3. Then click and open the business listings in a new window in Google Maps search results.
  4. When you open a specific business, you can view the complete details of a company like its email address, contact details, social media links, website links, ratings, and reviews.
  5. You can then copy-paste every detail from a business listing and save the contact details in a CSV, Excel or text file for future use.

This is the general way of manually finding and manually capturing data from Google Maps for any location and country.

 However, this is a time-consuming process where you can collect data from 50-70 business listings per day.

  • Using The Google Maps Scraping Tool For Building An Email List Tool

This is an advanced and ideal technique for extracting emails from Google Maps.

This technique involves using third-party Google Map Scraping tools for extracting email IDs from target Google Map profiles and search results. There are several free and paid tools available in the market that can get the job done; however, the Google Map Extractor Software is the ideal tool for email extraction.

Several marketers, freelancers, professionals, corporates, ad marketing agencies, and businesses use the software.

 This tool is designed for Google Maps scraping and, when integrated with Google Maps, searches the data from Google Maps by business name, Zip code, Google Map business listings URL, and address. It extracts all crucial data, including the email IDs.

Further, even if there are no business listings, the tool visits the business websites to check for email IDs and contact details. 

This software does not require any code to run.

Using the Google Map Extractor, you can quickly get data from 1200-1500 business listings daily.

Google Maps is an incredible platform where several businesses can be found easily. These businesses are focussed on business growth, and the platform is an excellent channel for connecting with business owners and decision-makers in your business niche.

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