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Whatsapp Marketing and Security Solutions

WhatsApp is a cross-platform app, which enables the exchange of messages across various mobility platforms while offering the businesses the scope to communicate with the clients through media-rich WhatsApp messages instead of conventional text messages. This is why WhatsApp marketing is considered as an effective method of mobile marketing in India. At Future Tech, being a leading bulk WhatsApp service provider in Mumbai, we understand this thing and therefore we help our clients to grow their businesses by using the most effective WhatsApp marketing strategies. This service helps our client companies to take their businesses at higher levels with some visible results that too at reasonable price.And to do this, we work on a great deal of attention to help the clients to establish notable positions in the competition.

Besides, here we are well-equipped with innovative and talented professionals, who are well aware of the best possible ways to use WhatsApp as the business marketing strategies. Therefore, with this marketing service, we help our clients to broadcast promotion images, coupon images, shop locations, emoji icons, or some short movies to the Smartphones of their customers directly. Not only that, but this Mumbai based bulk WhatsApp service provider company also offers 24/7 support to our client companies in their WhatsApp marketing services in accordance with bulk whatsapp marketing software and bulk whatsapp sender tool.

Some Awesome Features Of API Based Bulk Whatsapp Software
  • Dual Mode Sending Features (Safe Mode & Blind Mode)
  • Filter Business & Regular Whatsapp Number
  • Set Auto-Reply With Photos And Files
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Fast Number Filter
  • Import Numbers From Excel, CSV, And Text
  • Sending Customized Message
  • Schedule Sending

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Main Features
Custom Messages
We offer custom-designed messages for WhatsApp marketing services. This ensures that the marketing messages are sent to the clients most attractively.
Import Multiple Contacts
With WhatsApp marketing, we can import a segregated list of contacts for receiving the messages. This ensures that the messages are only delivered to the most potential clients.
Bulk Send
The WhatsApp marketing service that we offer at this WhatsApp marketing company ensures that multiple marketing messages can be sent to the clients in bulk at once without choosing the messages or contacts manually.
Advanced Features
Future Tech doesn’t only offer random WhatsApp marketing messages, but here we also allow our clients to choose from different advertisement formats like VCards, images, videos, audios, and texts.
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    Why Go for WhatsApp Marketing?

    Optimize IT Spend
    With the WhatsApp marketing service of Future Tech, you can get maximum benefits of WhatsApp at an affordable rate.

    In WhatsApp marketing, every message is sent to the clients from separate IDs. This thing ensures complete security.

    You can be flexible when it comes to sharing information through WhatsApp marketing. And you can choose your preferred medium to communicate.

    Reduce risk
    Messages sent through WhatsApp are protected through end-to-end encryption. Therefore, there is no scope of losing any vital business information.

    Why FutureTech?

    Being a renowned WhatsApp marketing company in India, at Future Tech, we have a team of innovative professionals, who aim to deliver complete satisfaction that makes us one of the leading WhatsApp Marketing service providers. With the excellent track record and continuous support lines, we understand the importance of WhatsApp for businesses. And this helps us to provide the best-quality WhatsApp marketing services online. Here are a few things that make us different.

    • 10+ Years of experience in Cloud Technology
    • We are Google Certified Professionals
    • 24X7 Customer Support
    • Strong Understanding of Cloud Securit
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Should you call customers or WhatsApp them?
    A study by Zipwhip found that 87% of potential customers IGNORE phone calls.
    How can your company get the most out of the most powerful conversational marketing tool?
    WhatsApp has a 90% open rate. Not even the best email in the world gets that kind of rate. It’s pure gold.
    What is WhatsApp marketing?
    WhatsApp marketing is one of the most effective methods of digital marketing, which is often used to directly spread marketing messages related to the services and products offered by a company to its clients.
    Different uses of WhatsApp marketing:
    • Sending messages with unlimited character length
    • Offering information on service/product launches
    • Announcing special deals and offers
    • Publicity of upcoming events
    • Offering information on quote/stock updates
    • Sending greetings on some special occasions
    What makes WhatsApp marketing so effective?
    • It supports several media formats to send messages
    • It is cost-effective and economical
    • Users can schedule SMS feature here
    • It has a high-speed delivery feature
    • It offers target-based marketing
    What can Future Tech do?
    • Depending on our client’s needs, we offer videos and images with messages
    • Messages that we sent are designed for people in India as well as across the globe
    • Messages can instantly be delivered to the customers irrespective of the DND numbers
    • As a result, businesses can get the highest ROI
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