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by | Oct 5, 2020 | whatsapp marketing software

PRO TIP: Founded in 2009, WhatsApp today has more than 40 billion users globally and is used by over 3 million Indians viewing business catalogues on WhatsApp every month.

Whatsapp has changed the way we communicate with one another. It has made communication faster, instant, and 24/7. A mobile messaging app that uses the internet to send and receive messages, WhatsApp has truly made text messaging not only futuristic and instant but also cost-friendly. Whatsapp is available for download on Android, I Phones, Windows Phone, and on mac or window PCs. Videos, Pictures, documents, Pdfs, can be shared with up to 256 people at once. People even send E-Invites for Weddings or birthdays using this app!

Today, Whatsapp has around 1.5 billion users spread across 85 countries. Statistics show that an average WhatsApp user checks their WhatsApp around 23 times per day and 60% users access WhatsApp several times in a day.

What better place for marketing your products or business if not WhatsApp then? The app that is used by an infinite number of people is one of the most preferred marketing channels in recent times.


Simply Stated, Whatsapp marketing is making use of WhatsApp for marketing your products, services, business, etc. It involves sending messages, images, videos, e-invites to clients or potential customers. The marketing process is simple, all you have to do is download the app, fill in your details for creating your account, add everyone’s mobile number whom you want on your WhatsApp list. Since WhatsApp uses all contacts from your mobile phone to show an updated phone directory of people whom you already know, it makes your job easier. You can keep on adding the contacts of people whom you want on your WhatsApp list. Unlike other marketing channels, WhatsApp gives you a direct one to one contact with anyone whom you want to reach. It makes marketing personal and direct.

Whatsapp Marketing Software is used for easing marketing processes on WhatsApp. Currently, there are tons of WhatsApp marketing software available in the market. The choice is endless, but how do you know which WhatsApp marketing software is perfect for your business? Or should you use a free or chargeable WhatsApp marketing software?

I will be listing out the 10 best WhatsApp marketing software needed by every business. After reading this post, you will surely have an idea which WhatsApp marketing software is well suited for you. So Let Us Get Started!

  1. WhatSender:

WhatSender is one of the best free WhatsApp marketing software available in the market. It is used by many Indian businesses and is easy and convenient to use. It is a bulk WhatsApp sender software allowing users to send messages in the form of texts, images, videos, documents in bulk. The messages can be in the form of personal greetings, promotional or discount offers, e-invites, or business-related and are sent via mobiles as well as laptops. You can either import multiple contacts manually from CSV or TXT files or just copy-paste it. Further, you can create personalised messages and send them to unsaved contacts as well and also schedule your messages that need to be sent at specific times. This software operates on a user-friendly web portal that allows through campaign tracking and reporting and has multi-account and auto variation features. This software is simple to use and requires no additional technical knowledge. However, fixing bugs is time-consuming.

  • Compatibility: The software is compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10 and with XP and Vista. It is also compatible with macOS.
  • Price Factor: This software lets you send unlimited trial messages with the feature of importing individual contacts. Professional Version: RS 3,500/year.

2. Allwebmart:

A good WhatsApp marketing software for small businesses, Allwebmart is cost-effective and lets one send bulk messages to potential clients and existing clients. You can send 20 messages per minute to around 5000 customers a day with the help of this software.

Also, You can send a minimum of 100 messages to unknown contacts and around 3oo messages to contacts on your list. Videos, images, documents can be added for increasing the effectiveness of your WhatsApp marketing campaign. Creating Whatsapp groups also becomes easy with the help of this software.

  • Compatibility: Allwebmart is a web-based application.
  • Price: Basic plan starts from RS.3000/month.
  1. Rapid Planner:

Best Suited for mid-sized business searching for a smart and efficient WhatsApp marketing software. Rapid Planner not only helps you to send bulk messages but also helps in managing social media campaigns more effectively. Its key features include various SEO tools which help in an effective social media campaign, customising all system-generated replies for WhatsApp and filtering contacts for creating a focus- based WhatsApp broadcast list.

The software also comes with an anti-spammer feature for sending many messages within minutes making it an effective WhatsApp marketing software.

Compatibility: IOS And Android

Price: Rapid Planner starters from Rs.350/Month to RS.3,800/Year.

  1. WappBlaster:

One of the best Whatsapp marketing software available in the market, WappBlaster lets you send unlimited messages to your clients and potential clients for an effective marketing campaign. Another unique feature of this marketing software is that it allows unlimited character texting making communication between you and your clients or potential clients through, detailed and straightforward. Other unique features include a non-blocking algorithm for effective text messaging and scheduled texting.

It is a multilingual software where multiple accounts can be created for running multiple campaigns, creating and uploading customer databases instantly, and easily generating message reports.

  • Compatibility: Windows
  •  Price: Starting Price Rs.1800 for a lifetime.
  1. Whatsapp SMS Myntra:

A high end WhatsApp marketing software, Whatsapp SMS Myntra has no drawbacks! Preferred by well-established companies or brands due to its high price, this marketing software can be used by small businesses and startups planning on making it big. Its key features include Sending unlimited bulk messages globally to unlimited mobile numbers with no cost per message charges and instantly thereby reducing marketing expenses. Sending personalised messages to selected clients and sharing all transaction details with clients thereby enhancing work transparency. Further, you can add unlimited contact numbers to your WhatsApp contact list and send images, videos, and audio with text messages. This Whatsapp Marketing Software is a must-have for businesses or brands wanting to expand their horizons.

Compatibility: This Software is a web-based application.

Price: Rs. 21600 One Time Payment.


Developed by Agnitas AG, a German Based Software company and used by Startups, SMEs, Agencies, and enterprises Agnitas helps you reach your WhatsApp marketing goals within a budget. Its key features include it being multilingual and having an array of multimedia features. You can also integrate other channels of marketing like e-mail, web-pus, etc. Using this marketing software, you can design and test messages before sending them out and also send out an automatic reply to customers at a particular time. This software allows you to access statistics for ensuring a successful campaign. It also integrates CRM features for smoothly managing client databases.

  • Compatibility: Web-Based Application
  •  Price: Price Depends upon Your Requirements and may vary.
  1. WhatSO:

This marketing software can be used by small businesses like restaurants and cafes and also many real estate agencies. WhatSO is specifically designed for mid-sized and small businesses to increase customer engagement and sales. Its key features include sending customized Greeting Messages with the customer’s name, sending offers, updates, and announcement messages to many customers in one single go. Importing contacts from CSV, TXT files or simply copy-pasting it and extracting contacts from WhatsApp groups, Scheduling messages, filtering contacts for the target market, and many more. Its other features include location-based marketing and contextual targeting.

  • Compatibility: Windows Based
  •  Price: Standard: 1999/year

Professional: RS.2499/ One Time Price / Enterprise: 2,999/ One Time Price

  1. VIKING:

This software is multi-lingual and is a bulk messaging WhatsApp one-stop WhatsApp software offering features like creating a customer database and carrying out e-marketing campaigns. You can smoothly manage your WhatsApp campaigns with a bunch of tools for sorting contacts, reports extractions, etc. This software allows you to store unlimited numbers, filter WhatsApp contacts, customize your inbox, and also send customer-specific replies. Further, this software also has the Whatsapp Forwarding Feature available with it.

  • Compatibility: Web-Based Application
  • Price: Rs.6840/year
  1. WAAM-IT Sender:

An economical WhatsApp marketing software, WAAM-IT Sender supports 60 languages and is the perfect marketing software for every business. You can send up to 5ooo messages per hour globally and also personalise your messages as per your convenience by adding images or audio/videos, etc. You can LTR And ITR base messages and even schedule your messages. This marketing software also allows you to import contacts from various formats like .xls, .xlsx, .CSV, text. Its other features include sending bulk WhatsApp messages, campaign creation, and scheduling, and supporting multimedia formats.

  • Compatibility: Web-Based Platform
  • Price: Basic: Rs. 28584/ One time

Professional: RS.35784/ On Time

  1. WhatsHash:

A highly economical WhatsApp marketing software, WhatsHash is a must-have for all kinds of businesses, big or small. It is a multi marketing software which helps in creating semi-automatic marketing campaigns thereby reducing time and increasing efficiency. Its unique features include creating a store on WhatsApp with products and links, conducting various customer polls for feedback.

It also includes building a customer profile, quick reply feature for sending instant messages, creating a sales funnel for increasing customer conversions, and many more.

  • Compatibility: Web-Based Application, Windows, Mac
  •  Price: Basic: Free

Professional: RS.1079.28/ Month / Business: RS.2159.28/Month

Whatsapp Marketing has made marketing personal and direct. The above stated Whatsapp Marketing Software if used correctly can be extremely useful for businesses and brands of all kids, big, medium, and small. It helps businesses to reach out to their clients on a personal base, promotes business transparency, and is an economical marketing form. This marketing form has great potential and must be used by businesses wanting recognition, greater reach, and conversions. Hopefully, reading this post has given you an idea of the type of WhatsApp marketing software your business needs.

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