What Should You Choose AWS Or Azure For Your Next MVP Development Project?

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Blog

New startups need to develop a Minimum Viable Project to showcase their idea in the market. It is beneficial in getting valuable feedback from their valuable customers. But, what works best for your MVP project? The question remains unanswered, but not anymore. The underlying guide discusses the aspects of Amazon cloud computing and Azure cloud computing that will help you decide what works best for you.

First, let’s study what are the important aspects of MVP

  • An MVP must demonstrate the product’s benefits to engage the customer.
  • It must help the organization to get valuable feedback and assist in the future.
  • It must have a unique value that makes customers want to use the product and purchase it.

Further, let us understand the functionality of AWS and Azure and see what works best for MVP.

What is AWS?

AWS or Amazon Web Services were introduced to the market in 2002. The motive to develop AWS is to drive the world’s supply of cloud services for all types of companies. Today, numerous companies make use of Amazon AWS Consulting services to handle their dynamic customers.

Why is AWS adequate for an MVP project?

The most essential aspect of building an MVP is to generate a base product that can be truer and tested by potential users. Valuable feedback from the customers acts as a key to a progressive business outcome. AWS can help in creating MVP projects in the following ways.

  • AWS is powered by a wide set of essential tools that deliver good results and help in the development of MVP.
  • DevOps can help in delivering the product to the market faster. Numerous tools are beneficial in making faster delivery based on customer feedback.  These tools help in faster code building and help quickly deploy new code which contributes to MVP development.
  • AWS runs on serverless architecture and thus helps you save cost and time. It also allows you to schedule turn-on and turn-off times for non-production servers.
  • The biggest advantage of using AWS is that it’s easy to learn. Any developer with basic programming skills can work with AWS.

Yet, hiring an AWS cloud consulting company can help you guide you towards a better path. It can help you make better decisions for your business and guide you ahead.

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure or as commonly known as Azure is a hybrid cloud computing platform with features of a public and private platform. It offers numerous cloud services to support all your data needs.

Why Azure is adequate for the MVP project?

  • It has a special support ecosystem that works best for startups.
  • Azure comes with a wide range of technologies that support different coding languages. It allows you to give a team easily and not limit yourself to specific coding languages.
  • The easy and flexible pricing options of Azure make it a great hit. It helps the startups to limit their expenses and thus is an affordable choice to go for.

Both AWS and Azure can benefit your business in their unique ways and features. Future Tech offers comprehensive Amazon AWS consulting services that can help you boost your startups with MVP development projects.

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