Types of SSL Certificates to Secure Your Website

by | May 28, 2021 | whatsapp marketing software

Without question, building consumer trust and instilling confidence in your organization, and by consequence, your website should be a top concern. The most effective method is to enable SSL encryption on your website, which provides secure connections and protects your users’ personal information.

What exactly is SSL?

SSL is an acronym for “secure sockets layer” and cryptographic technology used to encrypt data transmitted between two machines. Without SSL, anybody might watch and steal all of the sensitive information you send in plain text to a server, including passwords and credit card details. That is why, in the modern-day, all websites should be secure with a digital certificate.

What is the SSL certificate service?

The SSL certificate service, also known as Server Certificate Services, operates as a one-stop solution for certificates with SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. Certificate management, application, and deployment are the details of the SSL certificate. Thus, the SSL certificate demonstrates a company’s identity and protects the sensitive data sent on the web to ensure that no one can hack or access it.

How do SSL Certificates function?

SSL services are essentially data files needed to ensure that your website and web server interact safely on a public basis as required. Your server’s private key is known and may be used for encrypting any communication that you send to your site. But only the public key contained in your certificate can decrypt this message. A trustworthy certificate authority generates and issues SSL Certificates (CA). 

SSL Certificate Types should be considered:

1.Certificates with Extended Validation (EV SSL)

Extended Validation Certificates are the costliest and highest-ranking SSL certificate kind.

When a website owner purchases an EV certificate, they must go through a defined identity verification process to ensure they have exclusive rights to their domain. Just check through the SSL cost before availing of services.

2. Certificates that an Organization has validated 

The primary objective of the Organization Validation SSL certificate is to encrypt sensitive data during transactions. Like the EV certificate, the OV certificate provides a high level of assurance and is used to verify corporate legitimacy.

OV issues the second-most expensive SSL certificate. To get them, owners must undergo a comprehensive validation procedure performed by an SSL Certification Authority that examines the website owner to determine if they have a right to their specific domain name.

3. Certificates with Domain Validation (DV SSL)

In comparison to other SSLs, Domain Validation SSL certificates provide very limited assurance and encryption. As a result, the validation procedure for obtaining this sort of certificate is minimal. The website owners must thus determine their domain ownership by replying to an email or phone call.

4. Certificates for Wildcard SSL

Wildcard SSL may be provided as OV and DV and is used to secure a basic domain and an unlimited subdomain. The significant advantage of obtaining a wildcard certificate is that it is cheaper to acquire many one-domain certificates.

As part of its popular name, Wildcard SSL certificates contain an asterisk. The asterisk is a valid subdomain with the same base. For example, * may be used to install this certificate for the and

5. SSL Multi-Domain Certificates

Using a single certificate and multi-Domain SSL certificates may secure up to 100 distinct domain names and subdomains, saving time and money. Companies have Subject Alternative Name (SAN) control to add, change, and delete any SAN, if necessary.

Do compare SSL cost and its features before buying. It is always a safe option to have services from the best SSL certificate provider to secure your website for the long run. These SSL Certificate provider company offer professional services to keep hackers and viruses away from your website.

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