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SSL Certificate: A Perfect Security Solution For Your Website

by | Mar 16, 2022 | SSL certificate

Unless conducting eCommerce transactions or collecting sensitive information such as medical or banking data, most website owners did not have to worry about additional precautions to secure their websites until recently. Every of that, however, is about to modify. Google now officially recommends encrypting websites using HTTPS, which means that not only will this be vital for businesses looking to improve their search rankings, but more and more people will expect it. In short, website security is no longer a concern for only particular sorts of websites. Your eCommerce site should have the best SSL certificate provider to prevent this from ever happening. It is now a best practice for all businesses and organizations looking to improve their search engine optimization. So now, let’s look for a perfect security solution for your website.

Working of SSL:

SSL relies on public-key cryptography to function. For sending secure data between two systems, public-key cryptography requires a private key and a public key. These keys are required for decoding and encoding secure data, respectively.

  • A user connects to a website or other SSL-enabled service.
  • The user’s application demands the server’s public key in exchange for it. This public key exchange allows both parties to encrypt messages that the other can only view.
  • When a client sends a message to the server, the application encrypts the communication using the server’s public solution.
  • The server gets the user’s statement and uses its private type to decrypt it. Messages transmitted back to the browser are encrypted in the same way, with the user’s application’s public key.
  • Using public-key cryptography is analogous to locking your door with a padlock. The public key is the padlock itself, whereas the private key is the combination. The server distributes a padlock that can lock a door or a box by anyone. On the other hand, the padlock cannot be unlocked without the combination, which is only known by the server.

Benefits of Installing SSL:

SSL encrypts data to keep it safe

An SSL certificate encrypts data not to be read until it reaches the server for which it was intended. For reaching the destination server, information sent over the internet is forwarded from computer to computer. Any computer between you and the server can view and read all of the information, including credit cards, usernames, passwords, and sensitive contact information if the information is not encrypted. Nobody can access or intercept the data as it goes from your computer to the web servers. This is one of the most typical reasons for website owners to purchase a high-quality SSL certificate service is a must.


When it comes to SSL certificate prices in India, you won’t have to pay a lot. You now have hundreds of choices, many of which are affordable. SSL certificates are available at low prices through hosting providers, and you may choose from a variety of brands and types. You can either get aid from your web hosting provider or utilize a free SSL certificate like Let’s Encrypt for your website or blog.

Simple to Install:

You don’t need to be a computer wizard to set up an SSL certificate. Most control panels allow you to install the certificate with a few clicks, and some hosting companies offer managed support that can install the certificate for you.

The following steps will convert HTTP to HTTPS:

  • Check with SSL certificate yearly cost and Purchase an SSL certificate.
  • If you utilize a shared hosting service, install the certificate with caution.
  • Convert all HTTP links to HTTPS.
  • To ensure the safety of your visitors, redirect them to the new links.
  • Analytical tools and Search Console should be updated for secure tracking.

Bottom Line:

Finally, Millions of people were victims of identity theft due to data that was not adequately protected. Because of the increasing reliance on digital communication, this number is likely to rise unless businesses take more measures to protect user data. SSL serves as the first line of defense in safeguarding your company’s website.

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