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CCTV or Closed – Circuit Television, commonly referred to as a video surveillance system where the video cameras are installed to send signals to a specific location to keep an eye on or record footage for security. Over the years, Video Surveillance systems have developed and adopted the latest technologies like IP-based Video Surveillance. This has helped many businesses, homeowners, bankers, officers, with the added security and more cost-effective solutions. IP-based commercial security systems are widely used in banks, airports, industries, military areas, traffic controlling, transport safety, crime-stopping, etc. The Future Tech is one of the prominent IP-based Video Surveillance System providers. We have secured the premises of major industries like Okinawa, Merlin, Hyundai, JBG Organization Pvt. Ltd., C P Goenka International School, Land Rover, Kanan International, and many others with our CCTV surveillance solutions.
What Does CCTV Camera Solutions Offer?
The purpose of CCTV surveillance is to monitor and record the footage, especially in a high-crime area in and around your strategic location. You have some basic security camera choices to make:
  • Wired security cameras use wires to transmit signals, but the problem with this system is that the signal strength weakens when the transmission range is more than 300 meters. Using quality networking cables, switches, and signal boosters, we can solve this problem. We can also interconnect several cameras to a single monitor in a security room.
  • Analogue cameras, the most common type of CCTV camera in use for years. They are good for basic monitoring and recording onsite videos.
  • IP (Internet protocol) cameras, the function is almost similar to analogue cameras, but come loaded with more capabilities. IP cameras are sharper, offer higher resolution images and videos, and have features like remote zoom and repositioning. You can also view the footage on the Internet. This gives you an option to record and monitor real-time movement. 
What is the Role of Future Tech?
  • The security & surveillance solutions that we offer is cost-effective.
  • 24×7 customer support team to help customers in need. 
  • We provide everything that you need to ensure the safety of your business. 
  • Our security systems allow employees to focus more on work than security. 
All these services make us renowned CCTV solutions providers in the Industry. Contact us today!!
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Why CCTV Solutions?
CCTV is based on the latest technology to allow businesses to lower their security costs and protect their assets. There are tons of reasons why the CCTV surveillance system should be installed at almost all locations:
  • Prevent and Reduce Serious Crime: By installing mobile CCTV solutions at a workplace, home area, or any other strategic location, you can prevent and reduce the serious crime rate. In most cases, employees of a company are responsible for property theft, CCTV cameras can alert those employees from moving ahead with their plans, therefore reduce crime and provide a safe workplace. 
  • Real-Time Monitoring is Possible: One of the main advantages of installing CCTV is that it makes it possible to monitor the activities of employees of a business without hiring any security guard to monitor their activities. Home-owners can keep a check on their maids and secure their homes when they are away. The technology has advanced to such a level that monitoring can be easily conducted via a computer, mobile phones, or tablets.  
  • CCTV Footage Acts as a Strong Criminal Evidence: CCTV camera footage can be presented in court as evidence of the crime. Most of the time, it is seen that judges make their final decisions based on CCTV footage, and the suspect is charged based on that. Installation of CCTV in your premises is important not only for your employees, your property but also for the entire community.
  • Keep Employees Safe: Sexual harassment is increasing day by day. Installing CCTV cameras gives employers and employees a safer environment to work. In case of any misbehave, CCTV footage can help judges to understand the case without any hassle. 
  • Reduce Security-Related Cost: Traditional commercial security systems were expensive as compared to CCTV surveillance systems. Installing CCTV cameras in your area will cost less than hiring full-time security officers for disputed locations.
What is security and surveillance?
Security and surveillance are keeping watch, listening and at times recording too. Security and surveillance are of utmost importance. The Future Tech offers some of the best and professional security and surveillance solutions. Our team of experts provides bespoke solutions to meet the varied security needs of our clients.
What is a good home cctv security solutions?
Good Home CCTV security solutions are tailor-made security solutions for urban homes. The main objective of these security solutions is to record the activities and keep a watch of the vicinity. The Future Tech has some of the best CCTV security solutions.
How can I prevent my security camera from being stolen?
To prevent your camera from being stolen, you can use some of the best security camera solutions and our expert advice to change the camera placement and opt for camera tamper protection services. You can consult the expert team of The future Tech to know more!
How much does a commercial security system cost?
The cost of commercial security systems may vary depending upon several factors such as the type of camera, number of camera, technological advancements, tools, monitor, recording system and much more. for more information on commercial security systems, visit us now!
What are the mobile cctv solutions?
Mobile CCTV solutions are the advanced security systems that allow you to access the CCTV recording remotely using any computer or mobile devices. The Future Tech is one of the leading providers of mobile CCTV solutions. We bring to you some of the best and modern security solutions at unbeatable prices.
What is the best commercial security systems?
If you are worried about commercial security systems near me then, your search ends here. The Future Tech is one of the best and reputed providers of commercial security systems. We have an extensive range of contemporary security systems to suit your varied security needs.
Are there different types of cctv camera solutions?
Yes, there are several types of CCTV Camera solutions. The Future Tech offers a comprehensive range of premium CCTV camera solutions at unmatched prices. You can view our latest range of CCTV camera solutions now to know more about our security and surveillance systems.
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