Reasons Why Whatsapp Marketing Might Be The Next Big Thing For Online Marketers

Reasons Why Whatsapp Marketing Might Be The Next Big Thing For Online Marketers

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Blog

As the new decade approaches, some trends set online marketers on their toes. With experts globally having this marketing method discussed, there have been multiple brands out there, who need help in creating their brand presence and reaching their target audience effectively.

WhatsApp Marketing Services in India and globally have been recently increasing as it has been the most popular messaging platform with a whopping 2 Billion users across 180 nations with the growth rate being half a billion in the past two years. 

There has been significant growth in the WhatsApp marketing implementation and with service providers now interested in providing WhatsApp Marketing Software for setting higher social media strategies and adding it to the list of game-changer marketing strategies. WhatsApp attracts Online Marketers with its capability to make users respond to the brand’s marketing.

  • 53% of WhatsApp users at least use it once a day, and at least 90% of them read it within 3 seconds of them sending it.
  • With 340 Million users, India is the market base for WhatsApp, with a huge number of crowds utilizing it as the main messaging platform.
  • In the United States, 1 in 5 adults has WhatsApp as their main messaging platform.
  • WhatsApp has more than 5 Million business accounts set up.
  • Half a billion WhatsApp users use the WhatsApp Status Features every single day.

While WhatsApp sets new milestones every day, there is promising potential for WhatsApp marketing carries out in the near future in business-customer communications.

Effective Steps In WhatsApp Marketing 

There are basic steps that prove effective when it comes to WhatsApp Marketing. Some strategies are added when using a business account and a service provider, who provides WhatsApp Marketing Services in India will do the best.

  • Setup A WhatsApp Business Account

This is the easiest step, where you add your WhatsApp account as a Business Account by filling in the necessary information. The brand persona, description, and profile picture should be attractive and catchy.

  • Fill Your Contact List

You need contacts to start with WhatsApp marketing, and that needs permission. There are ways for you to acquire WhatsApp contacts with the social channels and offline marketing channels by reaching your audience, or via links published online, asking people to join your chat voluntarily.

  • Organize Contacts and Execute Campaigns

Now that you must have got hang of contacts, there should be definite management with differences of interests and execution of campaigns based on personalized choices. These can be done through individual chats, broadcasting, or groups.

  • Interact With Target Audience

Online marketers can leverage the wide reach of the application and tap into varied consumer segments to get on a personalized front with the target audience. Further, the user-friendliness of WhatsApp makes it tempting enough for the user to use the time to click on and the engaging percentage at least evokes the user to engage at least.

Multiple Ways Companies Are Leveraging WhatsApp As A Essential Marketing Platform

  • Freelancers and Small Businesses are using it to earn their daily or additional income through contacting firms and customers.
  • Banks are using it to update users on alerts/ updates/ and other additional details. 
  • Companies use it for broadcasting news about exclusive products/ services/ and specials.
  • Schools/ Colleges take part in using the platform to share homework/ other updates/ additional information over the media.
  • Companies send out exciting offers for returning customers.
  • Ecommerce or delivery services send their information/ tracking links/ details and invoices.
  • Employees use it for quick communication and personalized replies.
  • Brands use it for specific advertising for targeted customers.

Leveraging On WhatsApp Chatots Tools

Chatbots have created a storm wave in the space of customer communication and WhatsApp is an inevitable part of it. As a business owner, one can leverage WhatsApp business with the chatbot tool that automates customer communication and implements customized message delivery to an extent. 

There are auto-replies scheduled for quick query solving, answer suggestions, and more features to make the communication fast, and seamless. With The Future Tech, you get the best WhatsApp Marketing Software, a bulk sender, and autoresponder tool, which keeps your business at a higher level of interactions with the target audience. With a team of professional talents, we take care of your business marketing WhatsApp strategies.

With us, you get 24X7 support when you get the WhatsApp Marketing Software with our WhatsApp Marketing Services in India. There is a service assistant who helps you elevate your business goals by reaching milestones and achieving continuous success with us.

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