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Google Extractor is a powerful extractor tool that is used
for web scraping and data extraction from Google.

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Google Extract the right data for faster business performance!

Businesses need crucial data to use strategically in their marketing campaigns and strategies. Google is a powerful search engine that contains abundant data that businesses and companies can use.

The google data extractor software is used to extract data from google. Businesses can use the google maps data extractor to extract data from google maps.

The data extractor software extracts critical data such as business names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, pin codes, websites, etc.

The google business extractor offered by The Future Tech is highly powerful and intuitive, helping you extract all Pin Code-wise, location-wise and any other type of business categories.

Our Google map data extractor helps you extract data from all countries available in Google Maps.

Delivering Our Services
Unlimited Data Extraction From Google
Extract unlimited data using the google extractor tool spanning across multiple keywords, business categories and locations.
Real-time data extraction tool
A robust google map data extractor<br>software that lets you extract rich data in real-time – get to know your target<br>audiences and their behaviour better.
Build your own databases
Build individual databases for your business and categorise, analyse and use extracted data for lead generation purposes.
Multiple Keywords Searches
Enter multiple keywords according to location, Pincode, or any other category/type.
Easy data sorting
With the Google Data Extractor software, Separate data strategically and view it on a single dashboard.
Store Data easily
After extracting data from the Google Maps store, the Google map extractor stores data in CSV format that can easily open in Excel.
What are the data collection tools?
These are the methodologies, which are employed to collect data from a selected and targeted group of people for assessing pre-decided parameters by gaining rich insights and analyzing the data with Google data extractor software.
Benefits of data collection tools:
<ul> <li>It resolves business problems</li> <li>It improves business workflow</li> <li>It analyzes business performance</li> <li>It understands customers and markets</li> </ul>
How does Future Tech’s Google data extractor software work?
Future Tech offers a real-time reporting module with Google data extractor software, which quickly collects data and therefore instantly prepares data. Therefore, users can schedule the reports to their inboxes at an organized time as well as can track responses.
Google Data Extractor

Our google data extractor software assures a reliable and consistent data extraction process, giving you access to essential data that you can leverage to your advantage. You can use this tool to extract vital data from Google and instantly generate lots of leads from anywhere worldwide.


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