New Advanced Features Of Google Maps Data Extractor

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Google Map Data Extractor

Nowadays, there is a great demand for the extraction of data from Google maps that includes addresses, places, ratings, etc. to fulfil the desired purposes. The Google data extractor software is an efficient tool to find all the data based on pin code, locations, or even business categories. This tool helps to establish your business and aid in your growth.

Create Your Database

The google map data extractor lets you form a database for yourself that can aid in marketing purposes. When you have a database of your own, you are free to enter as much information and records as possible. It depends on you how you want to categorize things and analyze the concepts to generate more leads.

Save Data to Excel File

While using the google map data extractor online, you get to know that the data entered can be exported and saved to a Microsoft Excel File. This software also helps a firm or an individual to scrape the latest listed data on google maps. In addition to this, you can also view the total extracted records and can even analyze the results. It stores the data in CSV format that allows it to open in Excel.

Multiple Keywords

It is an essential feature of the google map extractor that facilitates multiple search criteria. Multiple keywords can be added according to the location or pin code or any other factor that you consider important. 

In this era of the Internet, map data is becoming increasingly popular and important. The map data is being used by industries on a large scale to help analyze the level of success in a particular area. Any company would look for the map data to see the location, availability of resources, and the competitors to decide whether it can establish the business there or not. 

Other features of the google map extractor include high-quality data and its cost-effectiveness. Moreover, when you opt for this option, you get precise and accurate information that forms the basis of your decision. 

Sorting Out Data

The google maps extraction software helps sort all the information that includes the mix match of addresses, names, sites, and people. This data can be separated and the information can be displayed on a single screen dashboard.

This software also offers good speed to find out things and does not take much time to find the places of user’s interest. This software completes your job with accuracy and remarkable speed. This software also helps in finding professional listings with ease.

It is always better to hunt down the stores on a map than to go through a list of them one by one. The use of this software is essential in getting some prior knowledge about a place and help in establishing a business of yours. 

The need to extract information on routes or stores is fulfilled by google maps extractor now. Ensure that you find the best quality software for your purpose.


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