World’s Best Justdial
Data Extractor

Justdial data extractor software is a powerful data
extractor tool that’s used for web scraping and data
extraction from Justdial.

Why Should You Scrape
Data From Justdial?

Justdial is a top-rated source of online businesses and trade directories. The website contains the contact information of millions of people and companies.

Using our justdial scraper, you can easily scrape crucial business data in just a few minutes. The jd extractor tools uses multiple data scraping techniques to offer your data per your requirements, thereby helping your business grow.

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    Delivering Our Services

    Phone Number Scraper

    Extract all phone numbers that you can utilise for your marketing campaigns

    Extract Any Location Data

    Conveniently search for any business data via entering the palace and location name.

    Extract Data From Any Category

    Search and find data of any business category you want that is relevant to your target audience, such as hospitals, schools, salons, shops, etc.

    Whatsapp Number Scraper

    Use our software to seamlessly and quickly extract mobile and WhatsApp numbers.

    Extract Important Details

    Extract crucial business details like contact details, addresses, emails, and all relevant data shared by businesses on the platform.

    Unlimited Use

    You can use the software unlimited times in one year for your data collection purposes.

    The JD Data Extractor Software is an easy-to-use, powerful and effective data collection tool.

    How Does The JD
    Data Extractor Software Work?

    1. Enter the keywords

    Enter your required search criteria, such as keywords, location, and other multiple options for customising your results.

    2. Start Extraction

    Once you begin the extraction process, the software will start scrapping the data according to your keywords and show it in the table.

    3. Save & Use

    You can easily save the extracted data in a friendly excel format on your computer.

    Scrape Important Data From Using The JD Extractor API

    Benefits Of Using our
    JD Data Extractor API


    Multiple Data Export Methods

    Using our JD lead extractor API, the scrapped data can be exported and saved as Excel, CSV, TXT, HTML, and other data files.



    Easy To Use

    API is easy to use. Just follow the mentioned steps, and you are ready for data extraction!


    Supports Windows Systems

    The JD Extractor API is perfectly compatible with windows system and works seamlessly.



    Easy To Save

    Easily save the extracted data in a friendly excel format on your computer.

    How to use the JD

    Using our JD API automation integration tool, you can easily extract WhatsApp numbers, email ids, phone numbers, websites and addresses.

    First, open the JustDial extractor software on your desktop/laptop.

    Input the business category, for example, travel, hospitality, etc. -whose data you wish to search for. Once you click on the category section, a finder box will pop up where you can type in the business category whose data you want. It loads a list of keywords related to the business category. Click on the use tab. You input the location, after which the related results are displayed on the right-hand side. You can get around 1000 related to your keywords organised according to a category, company name, locality, address, pin, email address, contact number, etc. Once the list is loaded, you can click on stop..

    After this, if you want to search more, click on the Find tab again and enter the new keyword in the finder box, followed by the same process. You can enter another location if you want. The software lists out related information just like before. Then click on stop followed by the expert tab and easily export the collected data onto your system in excel format.

    JustDial API Integration
    Automation Tools

    Seamlessly capture all leads from JustDial using our JD API automation integration tool

    Today, businesses have incorporated innovative ways of conducting
    marketing and lead research. This calls for an effective automation
    marketing solution that directly gets all leads from JustDial to you.

    The Future Tech offers businesses the best-automated integration tool
    for multiple industries that makes actual lead conversions simpler for


    How can I extract data from justdial?

    You can quickly extract data from Justdial using JD extractor tools. It saves time and gives you access to crucial data that you can utilise for your business growth! It offers all the information that is made public by the users.

    How to extract data in Excel from justdial?

    You have to use the JD scraper to extract data from just dial; after extracting the data, click on the export button (the red button on the right). The data can then be saved as a CSV file format or to excel. You must go to the settings menu to choose your preferred output file format.

    What are the advantages of using Justdial Data Extraction Software?
    1. The JD lead extractor extracts a database that includes business names, mobile numbers, email ids, complete addresses and website details.
    2. It is extremely easy to use and involves a single-step process
    3. You get all the data in CSV or excel format 
    4. The simplest and fastest way of getting your desired database
    5. 100% accurate data.