How Can Google Map Data Extractor Be Helpful For Your Business?

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Google Map Data Extractor

Google Map Data Extractor is the software, which captures contact details like business name, zip code, email address, phone number, address, website address, and other important details from Google maps. This software uses Google Maps API for generating the list of leads in a few seconds. So, it allows the users to search by almost any keyword or categories like hotels, buildings, architects, restaurants, etc. in almost any location, country, state, or city. Besides, here the user can use radius in meters or zip codes for more specific results. This thing helps the business owners to generate direct sales leads from Google maps to get more business contacts to be more productive.

Google Map Data Extractor online also plays an important role for businesses, which like to do bulk SMS marketing or bulk emailing to the targeted categories by fetching their phone numbers and email addresses.

Here are some benefits that you can get by using this software.

  1. You can easily find the name of the searching business keywords
  2. It offers an updated website
  3. It offers the updated address
  4. Users can get the search keywords rating
  5. It can offer the phone number
  6. You can find all the reviews as submitted by the user on the software

Important features of Google Map Data Extractor:

  • Multiple location and category: It is possible to extract data from several locations and categories by entering the names and categories of the location. It would help the business owners to save time. After entering the list of categories and cities, you can start by minimizing the software. Then it will work by itself.
  1. Extraction speed: This software extracts data at 1-2 contacts every second. As here the data is directly extracted by using Google Maps API, therefore it becomes easier to extract data faster.
  2. Transferable license: It is possible to transfer software licenses from one device to another. This is very important if your computer crashes for some reason. This software offers complete access to transfer licenses.
  3. Support for multiple proxies: This software allows users to use one or multiple proxies to protect their identities. The application can randomly change the present proxy in every request from the list offered.
  4. Export capabilities: After extracting the data, the user can export the data in .sly or .csv format. Besides, you can even choose the fields you prefer to export.
  5. Extraction of email address: Usually, Google Maps never allow extracting email addresses. But this software helps to extract emails by visiting websites mentioned in the listing. To do this, this data extractor software visits the website address and then extracts the email address on the website.
  6. Global data extraction: This software also helps users in global data extraction. All you have to do is to enter the city name and the category and then click on the start button.


  • Accurate data: You can extract genuine information from Google Maps, where the listings are performed by the companies themselves. Unlike other business directories, which hide contact details with virtual numbers, you can view the genuine number.
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