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Basic Working & Features Of WhatsApp Marketing Software

by | Mar 30, 2022 | whatsapp marketing software

Most people use WhatsApp marketing software for chatting purposes and sending bulk messages. Nowadays, it has been used as an effective marketing channel. All this data and the growing popularity of WhatsApp have diverted many businessmen to use this WhatsApp marketing software as a good platform for marketing their business. This happened because of the high acceptance of WhatsApp among users.

Working Of Tool

This is one of the best WhatsApp marketing software that assists you to forward unlimited bulk messages to your targeted and potential clients. This automatically designed tool provides many features for marketing.

Import Phone Numbers

You can import all your contacts from the WhatsApp marketing software. You can Import numbers from this software in any of your files, such as Excel. You can easily copy-paste the numbers. After that, you can send a Whatsapp message to all contacts available in a single click. You can use bulk WhatsApp sender, which helps send messages very fast to a large number of users. 

Create Message

The WhatsApp messenger application is an extremely dependable platform for companies that constantly use the platform that interacts with buyers and clients. You can send bulk messages to target customers via WhatsApp bulk message sender in a user-friendly way. These tools usually approve you to send text messages. Unwanted messages are not supported by WhatsApp Marketing software. It is a better way to be innovative and use moral campaign strategies to reach the target market.

Send Message

You have to click on send to and bulk WhatsApp tab that forward your message to the number of persons. The best WhatsApp marketing software may assist you to send useful data to customers for promotional events, projects and activities effortlessly and maintain the posts.


Send Multiple Messages

Do you want to send multiple messages to contacts? Whatsapp marketing software allows you to send all contacts that are kept in the address book with a one click. WhatsApp marketing tools assist you in creating a customizable broadcast list, sending messages to groups depending on their category. This bulk messaging software enables you to communicate effectively with your business contacts, handle your sales, run polls, and even supports you to size an e-commerce store.

Custom Messages

You can send text messages or greetings, or business-related messages like advertisements. It is provided easily through this WhatsApp marketing software. The importing functionality offers up to 15 custom fields for you to forward customized messages. This enables users to automatically forward several customized WhatsApp messages to any number in their contacts. This facility makes it easy to send customized bulk WhatsApp messages directly from the number simply and effectively.

Import Multiple Contacts

This software has the feature to Import all contact details from CSV, Excel, TXT files by copying and pasting. After that, you can check the file imported into the software. You can send bulk marketing messages to your customers to promote your facilities. This tool assists you to send up more messages per minute, which means you can target up to 1000 customers a day without considering spam.

Advanced Features

WhatsApp marketing software is a unique tool to reach your audience, build a connection, grow your brand, service, and communicate with your audience. If you have a WhatsApp group, you can gather details from the group. You can collect customer data from your sending log, including the numbers filter feature. The unwanted customer and messages can be filtered with this option. Scheduled email delivery sends you an email with a PDF attachment of the report regularly. 

Windows Support

This WhatsApp marketing software is supported by Windows 10, Windows 8/7, Vista, XP. So Whatsapp marketing software is user-friendly you can use most of the window types.

Final Words:

You can use WhatsApp marketing software effectively to grow your organization that ensures quality interactions. Hopefully, you can understand WhatsApp marketing software’s working principles and features.

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